How Westcon Achieves Super Flat, Hard Wearing Concrete Slabs & Concrete Floors

Westcon spent many years doing flooring the traditional way; hand screeding, raking, checking levels constantly. Setting rails for truss screed and whatever it took to get the concrete slab flat. Now with the use of a laser screed we are able to reduce the pour time and achieve more accurate concrete floor levelling.

Use of Somero Laser Screed to Improve Concrete Floor Levelling

While still having to maintain the checks on the level the Screed rakes and levels at a rate of the equivalent to 3 hand screeding teams. These savings in time and labour lead to quicker construction time, while increased quality.

The recent arrival of the smaller S-485 Somero Laser screed allow Westcon to use this in more applications than just industrial flooring. The light weight and the articulated movement allow this machine to navigate around services in the slab while not crushing the reo and plastic chairs. This Laser Screed also is light enough to work on permanent form work types like Bubble deck, Bondek, Delta core planks and convention type concrete slabs.

The Somero Laser screed is great for super flat floor but they also have the capability to do slabs on grade and to almost any contour plan. With the 3D software, you are able to enter the levels required or the level of the existing subgrade has and provide an even thickness concrete slab.

Concrete Floor Levelling using Laser Screed

Burnished Concrete Slabs – Why the Finishing Process is Critical for Hard-wearing Floors

While the Somero provides super flat slabs and slabs on grade at concrete placement, the finishing stage has equal importance to achieve a hard-wearing burnished concrete slab. The slab needs to be worked many times to achieve an even burnished finish.

Even with a burnished concrete slab that is free of imperfections, you will still need joints to allow for expansion and contraction in the concrete. The use of fibre reinforced concrete, with or without mesh, allows pours to be extended to 30m x 30m. Westcon recommends armoured edge slab joints in the high traffic areas or the whole floor if racking is not being installed. These steel edges allow the concrete to expand and contract with fluctuations in temperature and prevent chipping on the concrete slab joint when it is cold and the gap between the joints are at their greatest.

Most burnished concrete slabs may look great the day they are poured, it is the ability for the slab to maintain its integrity throughout its life, that is critical. A slab that starts to break down prematurely will be very costly to fix and may even require replacement. Attention to correct finishing methods and ongoing improvements, allows Westcon to provide hassle free concrete floor levelling services.

Why You Should Choose Westcon for Burnished Concrete Slabs & Hard-Wearing Concrete Floor?

Burnished Concrete Slabs - Hard Wearing Finish

Burnished Concrete Slab with Hard Wearing Finish

Westcon recognise the importance of correctly finishing the burnished concrete slab and hence pay special attention to having an even burnish finish with extra attention to the slab edges and joints. We are constantly striving for better finishing methods while using various concrete plant and tools to provide a better concrete slab. Over the years we have been able to address the problems that come with this type of concrete floor levelling specification finish. Westcon work closely with Ancon Beton and structural engineers to strive to provide better quality, hard wearing burnished concrete slabs.

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Westcon Contracting is a commercial concrete contractor serving the Perth Metropolitan region since 2005. Our services include concrete placement, laser screed burnished concrete slabs, concrete floor leveling, construction and installation of concrete tilt panels, concrete foundations and walls.