Laser Screed Concrete Slabs

Westcon extensive experience in all types of concrete placement allows us the capability to provide an excellent service to our customers. Westcon specializes in laser screeded concrete floors. From super flat warehouse floors to external paving on grade. Westcon can supply concrete, testing, curing, pumping and labour. This can be done as a complete package down to labour only. Westcon can handle any size pour and knows the importance of well organised concrete pours.

Why Use Westcon For Your Perth Laser Screed Project?

Westcon’s time and experience serving the Perth concrete construction industry ensures we will be able to deliver on your project. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and finish of the concrete we place. This culture has been developed through a group of long standing employees and a strong set of core values that ensures that the team continues to maintain a high standard and strives for continual improvement.

We also provide other services such as Tilt Panel Construction .

Why Use Westcon For Burnished Concrete Floors?

Westcon’s industry experience and the Somero laser screed allows us to deliver superior concrete floor leveling providing a flawless burnished concrete slabs. This will ensure we can provide highly polished burnished finish that are hard wearing resist stain by providing tight less pourous surface. On top of providing a flawless finish our experience with surfaces hardners and curing agents we can recommend the right product for your job.

What Are The Benefits Of Fibre Reinforced Concrete?

Westcon use and recommendation of fibre reinforced concrete has lead to greater efficiencies in concrete placement leading to reducing program times and reducing project costs. The great advantage with fibre concrete is that every bit of concrete is reinforced providing stronger slab edges and eliminates the risk of mesh or reo bar not maintaining correct cover or mesh being left on the ground if chairing is insufficient at damaged during pouring.

Fibre reinforced slabs can also be combined with mesh of reo bar to provide an extra heavy duty slab or foundation.

The use of fibre reinforced slabs allow pour joints to be larger and generally the elimination of saw cuts. Fibre reinforced concrete combined with a burnished finish and armoured edge slab construction joints will provide you with an almost maintenance free slab long lasting hard wearing slab.

How Do We Deliver Accurate Laser Screed Slabs?

Concrete Placement Perth Warehouse

Warehouse burnished concrete slab constructed by Westcon Contracting

Westcon placement crews are equipped with high quality laser levels and all the tools and machinery that is required for an accurate, high standard placement and finish.  Our team is very experienced and are constantly improving their placement and finishing skills to provide flatter concrete slabs with a consistent finish.

Westcon will supply a constructed drawing of the finished levels of items poured that day. This will allow confirmation that all levels are correct to allow following trades to do their work with no hold up. If there is a discrepancy it allows it to be resolved immediately with minimal disruptions to following trades.

What Are Westcon’s Concrete Construction Capabilities?

Westcon is able to supply labour only right through to supplying concrete, pumping requirements, concrete testing, formwork and reinforcement. With a full time work force of 18 and a fleet of company utes, vans and trucks and extensive range of equipment, we are able to meet almost all program schedules.

We also have a dedicated delivery truck and driver and full time workshop  mechanic to ensure plant and machinery are delivered to site on time and in good working order.

What Are Your Concrete Placement Charges?

Prices vary significantly from project to project depending on site and size of project. Westcon would like the opportunity to price from drawings to ensure we provide you with an accurate and competitive costing.