Westcon Contracting has been providing commercial concreting services in the Perth Metropolitan region since 2005, including concrete placement, laser screeded burnished concrete slabs and construction and installation of tilt panels. Our customers include large & medium commercial builders, property developers, civil contractors, and telecommunication and cool room manufacturers, with concreting services ranging from $10K through to $1M.

With our team of 18 full time employees, many with more than 5 years experience at Westcon, and extensive, well maintained plant and equipment, we can ensure your concrete project is delivered on time and to your spec. And being a family owned and operated business you can deal direct with the owner to resolve any issues and ensure your requirements are met. At Westcon our aim is to provide you with stress free commercial concreting services.

Servoces - Concrete Placement Photo

Laser Screed Slabs

Experienced teams and the right equipment to place your concrete with special attention to the correct levels and super flat finishes for your slab.

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Tilt Panels

Tilt panels are always on the critical path on a building program. We can ensure we will deliver on time and to your specification.


At Westcon we understand concrete is on the critical path of most construction programs. In fact we believe there are 2 things our customers come to really appreciate about us… and that is the quality of our workmanship and that they can rely on us to deliver the project on time. That all adds up to less headaches and costly delays for you.

At Westcon we have designed our business to deliver on the promise of quality and reliability, by

We recognized that to maximize our team’s productivity it was imperative to have the right gear on site and sufficient backup to meet critical deadlines.

We have invested in the latest Laser Screed technology, ride on concrete trowels, early entry green cutting saws and materials handling and earth moving machinery, so that jobs can be completed efficiently and to a very high spec.

We have also employed a dedicated delivery guy, to ensure that the right materials and gear are on hand to get the job done.

At Westcon we recognized that high staff turnover invariably means lost productivity and on the job know how. Hence we have recruited and nurtured a great team with 12 of my 30 employees having worked for Westcon for more than 5 years. That’s pretty rare in the construction industry.

Equally as important as having the right team and equipment to ensuring jobs are delivered on time and to spec, is the careful planning of each job and actively managing our project schedule. This ensures that productivity is not lost due to poor organisation and that we will meet your deadlines.